Maintaining superb indoor air quality at your home or commercial property is highly important, and with the use of a UV air sanitizer that is exactly what you will receive. Poor indoor air quality can create a number of health problems for you and your loved ones, which is why we offer our proficient UV air sanitizer installation services to all of our valued customers throughout Sacramento and the surrounding communities. The specialists at Heco Heating & Air Conditioning can help to guarantee a fresher, cleaner, and healthier home or building.

What Are UV Air Sanitizers?

These units are placed right into your central heating and cooling system and use ultraviolet light to eliminate many different types of air pollutants. They can officially make for a safer, cleaner, and more comfortable home or commercial property. Additionally, it will also protect your heating and cooling system from malfunctioning, as dust, dirt, and other airborne particles can wreak havoc on its components. At Heco Heating & Air Conditioning we only use top-of-the-line products so we can guarantee your complete satisfaction with this helpful system.

What Are 3 Benefits of This System?

  • ELIMINATES ODORS: It’s a fact we have to face, strange odors do have a tendency to develop inside both homes and commercial properties. Whether from cigarette smoke, pets, trash, or some other undetermined source these smells can linger and are quite unpleasant. A UV air sanitizer can effectively control odor problems keeping your home or building smelling fresh and clean.

  • ELIMINATES DUST: An excessive amount of dust in your home or commercial property can make for a very uncomfortable situation and leave you place looking extremely untidy. The constant cleaning and aggravated allergy symptoms associated with an over abundance of dust can be highly inconvenient and truly unhealthy. By installing a UV air sanitizer you will no longer have to worry about this problem.

  • REMOVES POLLUTANTS: Mold, bacteria, pet dander, dust, household chemicals, and many other indoor air pollutants will be effectively removed from your home or commercial property after installing one of our state-of-the-art UV air sanitizers.

Why Would Someone Need One of These Systems?

Everyone can truly benefit from the installation of an effective UV air sanitizer. However, those with allergies will truly get to take advantage of reduced symptoms. If your home or building has mold problems and it is affecting your health a UV air sanitizer is the way to go. Have a smoker in your household? These systems can help to combat the odor and pollutants that are floating around your property. Lastly, pet dander will also be removed so for those with dogs or cats this is great news.